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Center for Eclectic Alchemy

A symphonic pathway towards greater wellness & well being

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Lyme Versed is a two part class that is aimed at education in the field of Lyme & Co. in the hopes of helping to create more individuals who are versed in this subject matter.  This course is appropriate for practitioners and the general public.  These will be live classes held via Zoom.

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Choose Your Path

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Alchemy for The People


The Patreon Project, Alchemy for The People supports the passing down of antiquated wisdom in the holistic healing arts through explorational and experiential pathways.

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 Eclectic Alchemy is a unique modality that brings together Herbal Medicine, Flower Essence Therapy, and Intuitive Energetic Bodywork into a symphonic pathway towards greater wellness.  

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2 Uncommon Witches


A modern take on a classical mentorship.  2 Uncommon Witches offers a deep dive into a personalized mentorship program, guided by two wise women practitioners.

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“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”


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