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Applications are NOW open for the July - December sessions!
Email us for an application for this limited space opportunity. 

Kelly Keyser Millar from Mortar &  Pestle Herbal and I have built an amazing offering!  If you want to take your wellness to the next level, we are ready to hold the lamp for you on the path to body autonomy, confidence in holistic skills and transformation.  This program guides you to heal through learning. We provide written, video, audio and a library of custom resources and invitations to help you shift patterns that no longer serve you and help you access your own innate awareness.

This program invites you to meet with us once or twice a month on Zoom.  These Zoom calls are your opportunity to ask us questions about the module's content, get live tutorials or simply let us know what is currently going on in your life.  With our years of client (and our own!) experience, we provide keen ears, insights and gentle challenges to the way you have been doing things that may no longer be serving you.  Our mentorship is a full physical, emotional and spiritual immersion into ways you can shape your life into what you wish it to be. 

Scroll down for more details and FAQ!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the program?  
The full mentorship program is 6 months.  The next session is July - December 2022.

How is the program organized?
The mentorship program is organized into monthly modules doing deep dives into a particular body system and its corresponding energetic/chakra(s).  In each module you have access to anatomy, herbal allies, flower essences, aromatherapy, and much more! That said, we also customize this program to YOUR personal interests.  Wanna do a deep dive on brain specific herbs?  Can do!  Feng shui?  Yes!  Want to learn everything tarot .. or nervous system .. or the map of the energetic body?  Yes, yes and yes.  Kelly and I will help you lean into whatever and wherever your journey takes you. 

What is my time commitment? 
Your time investment is up to you!  This is very much a "choose your own adventure" program.  Kelly and I provide you all the content you wish and you can lean into the parts you are most interested in. If you wished to partake of all of our content, assume 2-3 hours per week, not including our Zoom call.  We offer 2 levels of the program which includes a scheduled 1 hour call - either 2x/ month or 1x/month.  That meeting is truly the only commitment we ask of you.  

What is my financial commitment?
We are now offering 2 levels of our program.  The first level "Rosemary" provides a more intense 2x/month Zoom meeting and is more costly.  The second level "Hawthorn" is for folks with more strict time or fiscal constraints or who learn well on their own.  This second tier is only 1 Zoom call/month.  Both levels get all the same content - but tier 2 is only 1 call per month. We have pay up front or payment plan options available.

Gimme the final details... what am I really getting?
Well, this is the great unknown!   Expect us to challenge you.  Expect us to provide you tons of content to support your interests.  Expect us to support you on the days you are struggling or be your cheerleader on the days you discover and halt a disruptive pattern.  Here is what we promise you:

  • Text support throughout the program using the secure Signal app

  • Email support throughout the program1 

  • (1) Workshop Kit with monthly module packets to support the continuing journey ($200.00 value!)

  • (2) or (1) 60 minute Zoom meeting monthly

  • (1) Custom Google document which can be accessed via your email.  This document becomes the container for all of our resources and can be used to comment/ask questions/interact with us

  • A plethora of written, video and audio content to be accessed via your Google document to round out your learning

Still have questions??  Email us - we are happy to answer anything you wish to know.