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Alchemy for the People is project that provides education and skills under the belief that access to information and education in the holistic arts should be accessible and available to all.  The strength of this work grows when it is allowed to expand through connection.  All contributions to Alchemy for the People go right back into providing education and services to others through a scholarship fund.  By supporting this project, you are supporting the expansion of your own knowledge, you are also supporting access to this information and access to care for others who might not otherwise be able to afford it.  

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The Parlor is a vast informational blog filled with education on a wide array of subject matter.

The Auditoria is the video classroom with instructional, educational, and experiential classes and workshops.  

The Repository is a subscription service which contains monthly gifts and exclusive access to recipes and formulations.

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The Parlor

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The Auditoria

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The Repository

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