Eclectic Alchemy

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Eclectic Alchemy is defined as a symphony of the holistic healing arts that supports all aspects of self to facilitate movements towards greater well being.  Eclectic Alchemy brings together Flower Essence Therapy, Intuitive Energetic Bodywork, and Harmonic Therapy into one multi dynamic session.  

Eclectic Alchemy sessions are offered distantly and are conducted through email or video chat. 

Sessions begin with a conversation to determine if Eclectic Alchemy would be helpful to you and if Jennifer is the right mentor to best serve you.  Upon requesting an Eclectic Alchemy Session, you will be mailed a new client form.

Once you fill out the form and send it back, Jennifer will review it and reflect back questions so that together you may uncover patterns and different supports will begin to emerge.  Jennifer will explore supports along with the information that was provided in the form and conversations, conduct an Eclectic Alchemy Session which brings together Flower Essence Therapy and Intuitive Energetic Bodywork  and will present you with a Post Session Report.  The report may contain a summary of your session along with information to serve as a guide along your journey.  

Please keep in mind that this is not a medical report nor is it a diagnosis. Jennifer is an alchemist, not a medical practitioner.  Clients are under no obligation to follow guidance provided in the report and any information provided is for educational purposes only.  

Once you receive the report, it is yours to keep.


The fee for an Eclectic Alchemy Session is $360


To inquire further, please connect through the Contact Page on this website.