Partnerships & Consultationships

What is a Partnership?

A Partnership is a way for me to work more closely with clients over an extended period of time.  The intention of the Partnership is to work together to move the client towards greater wellness and well being.  After 13 years in practice, I have found two things to be of utmost importance in the healing path, Commitment and Time.  Clients who commit to a path towards greater well being and are willing to give this path time, will have greater results towards well being.

What is a Consultationship?

A Consultationship is similar to a Partnership, however Consultationships do not include direct session work. They are centered around monthly Consults conducted virtually.  

What does a Partnership include?

What a Partnership includes may vary slightly from person to person.  In general, a Partnership puts Flower Essences at the forefront and brings in other supports as needed.  A Partnership consists of:

  • One PET (Personal Energy Transmission) Scan with one Flower Essence Session each month OR Eclectic Alchemy Session

  • One 30-45 minute Zoom Video Call/Check in each month

  • Personal Flower Essence Blend (If FE Session takes place)

  • Post Session Report

  • Additional Instructive Support (if needed)

  • Additional Gifts (IE notebooks, tarot readings, etc.)

  • A Partnership may also include bi-weekly scans if this feels appropriate for the client.

  • Partner-Clients will have access to my personal cell number and may text or email me through the Signal ap at anytime during the contract period with questions or issues that may arise.  Of course,, this is all expected to be within reason.

  • Access to my exclusive website content which includes an educational blog and two video classrooms.

What does a Consultationship Include?

Consultationships will have a different focus from person to person, but will consist of:

  • One 30 to 60 minute Zoom video call each month with mirroring and feedback.

  • Post Session Recommendations and Suggestions

  • Additional Instructive Support (if needed)

  • Consult-Clients will have access to my personal cell number and may text me through the Signal ap at anytime during the contract period with questions or issues that may arise.  Of course, this is all expected to be within reason.  

  • Access to my exclusive website content which includes an educational blog and two video classrooms.

How long does a Partnership or Consultationship last for?

A Partnership lasts for 6 months.  At the end of the 6 months, your case will be reviewed and you may be offered a choice to renew your Partnership for another 6 months. 


Do you offer shorter Partnerships or Consultationships?

At this time Partnerships and Consultationships are 6 months long.  This type of work takes time.  It is in the best interest of the client to commit to 6 months.  A 3 month contract may be arranged under special circumstances.


What does a Partnership Cost?

The cost of a Partnership is offered on a sliding scale basis between $200 - $300 a month.  

What does a Consultationship Cost?

The cost of a Consultationship is offered on a sliding scale basis between $75 and $140 a month.


Do you offer payment options? 

Yes, Partnerships and Consultationships are paid for monthly, at the time of the monthly session.  

Do you offer financial support or reduced fees?

Partnerships are offered on a sliding scale.  You get to choose your cost within that range.  I am in the process of working on building scholarship funding or a Sponsorship Program to help with the cost of obtaining care.  If you are interested in learning more about Sponsorship or Scholarship support please send an email inquiry to


What is the difference between an individual session and a Partnership?

An individual session is just that, one session.

Partnerships include much more than individual sessions.  They include the session, bi weekly check ins (if needed), additional instructive support, and the following of your case throughout the 6 months.  Each month, I spend between 4 to 5 hours on your case. When you Partner with me, you are entering into a contract that includes any and all services that I provide throughout the contract period. 


An individual session can be likened to a client comes with a known issue they would like to work on.  We do an individual session together specifically around this one issue.


A Partnership would be more like a client coming with the desire to lead a healthier, happier life with greater well being overall.  They rely on my insights and skills to help work on the many facets that will lead to change, choice, and a greater sense of well being.


What is the difference between an individual Consultation and a Consultationship?

A Consultation is just one consult. It will include a one hour video chat along with feedback and recommendations.

A Consultationship includes a greater commitment for both client and practitioner, therefore brings more involvement for both. Throughout the contract period, the client's case is followed and patterns emerge, which brings information and clarity to each unique wellness journey.  Suggestions can be monitored throughout the contract period, so we can better learn which suggestions work and which do not.  


Are there any requirements needed to begin a Partnership or a Consultationship?


  • Clients must be referred by another Partner Client, practitioner, or mutual acquaintance.  ​


  • A 30 minute interview via Zoom is recommended.  This gives us both the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for one another, and also provides the space to ask questions and learn more about me and what I offer. 


  • Clients will be asked to download the Signal Ap.  This is an encrypted texting ap that will give us the ability to communicate via text and phone.  


  • Clients will be asked to keep a notebook to keep track of any shifts, changes, insights, dreams, etc.  This notebook will be provided along with a Welcome Package after your first session.



Is there a Contract?

Yes.  There is a 6 month contract that you will be required to sign at the beginning of the Partnership or a Consultationship.  This solidifies our commitment to work together throughout the time period of the contract.  Once you sign the contract, we are in Partnership together. 


If I cancel my Partnership or Consultationship before the contract period ends, am I still responsible for the full cost?

If you cancel your Partnership or Consultationship Contract prior to it’s end date, you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. 


Are sessions or consults offered in person?

At this time sessions all sessions are done distantly. Consultations are always done distantly.


Is Distance work as effective as in person work?

Yes and sometimes Distance work Is more effective than in person work.  This work does not require you to be physically present.  It transcends time and space. Vast amounts of information and story are not needed and can sometimes hinder the process. Often less information is more.  Distance work helps to facilitate this.  

Will my Partnership or Consultationship include any products?

Your Partnership or Consultationship will not include products, as Sage Moon no longer produces or sells products. 


How do I sign up for a Partnership or a Consultationship?

If you are interested in a Partnership or a Consultationship, please contact me via email to or through the contact form on this website.

I limit the number of Partnerships and Consultationships that I offer at any given time.  I am careful not to overextend myself, so that I know that can give the best care to those I work with.  

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