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Letting Go is an exploratory process experience presented in video form.


Letting Go sounds easy enough, yet why is it often so difficult to do?  


This is because when we tell ourselves to just "let it go", we are relying on a mental body contruct. This means that we are approaching the process through only one aspect of self, the mind....and the mind is a tricky thing.  Addressing things solely through the mental body, rarely works in creating true and lasting change.   In order to create true and lasting change, all aspects of self need to be brought into alignment and agreement.  When we are relying on the mental body to create the changes, the changes often will not stick.  When they do not stick, we often experience feelings of guilt, shame, and "not good enough".  


In this exploratory video, we explore the subject of letting go, through what I refer to as the "backdoor approach" using three rocks.  (Rocks? Yes.  Rocks.)

Through this guideded experience, you will acquire insight and information about how you create attachments, how those attachments are anchored within your body, and awareness around how you do the letting go process.  


Upon purchasing this class, you will receive a digital file that provides you with the link and password to access the exploratory process video, which will be available to you through the end of October.  


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Letting Go Class (Parlor Patrons)

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