GATHER Antiquated is a old fashoined style printed newsletter.  It feels the right time to begin this venture, putting wisdom into a material form to be held in the hands and enjoyed while sipping a cup of tea underneath the sunlight or stars.  

I will create these for the time being, until it is that I decide to no longer create them.  They may evolve to become more expansive.


Volume 1

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Hawthorn Herbal Profile

A bit of Color Magic

Physical and Emotional Supports for Seasonal Wellness


This purchase is for one double sided printed newsletter that will be mailed to you in a plain white envelope with a stamp via the postal service (just like when you were younger).  Please make sure to include your proper mailing addres when ordering.


This is NOT a subscription.  This is just a purchase for ONE newsletter.  Subscriptions may be offered in the future.  


Thank you for your purchase and for supporting bringing back the old-skool.  

GATHER, Antiquated Newsletter

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