GATHER  Wonderment  is a old fashoined style printed newsletter created just for children!  It offers a time to slow down, to explore, and to learn new things.  Right now, GATHER Wonderment will be created seasonally.   Your child will get their own beautiful copy of GATHER Wonderment printed on antique style paper, delivered right to them.


Each edition will be rich with holistic style information and may include herbal  medicine, herbal profiles, explorations diving into the emotions, metaphysical wisdom, and more! 


Volume 1, Autum 2021

Chamomile Herbal Profile

Making a simple chamomile tea and how it can support.

How color can support emotions.

New Moon intention setting and wish making

An exercise in gratitude


This purchase is for one double sided printed newsletter that will be mailed to you in a matching envelope via USPS first class mail.  Please make sure to include your proper mailing addres when ordering.


This is NOT a subscription.  This is just a purchase for ONE newsletter.  Subscriptions may be offered in the future.  


Thank you for your purchase and for supporting bringing back and sharing with your children, the old-skool.

GATHER, Wonderment. A printed newsletter for children.

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