The Heart Opening with Flower Essences Experience is an opportunity to work with flower essences alongside a guided process, in a self paced manner.  It lets you experience the magic and power of how flower essences can facilitate great change.  


The Heart Opening Flower Essences Experience includes access to two guided video processes to support you and an intuitively selected unique essence blend to work with.  


Through connecting with your energetics, a flower essence blend will be chosen from a collection of over 50 essences from Delta Gardens Flower Essences and Mortar & Pestle Herbal, that are specific to supporting heart energetics.  


Upon purchasing this experience, you will receive a document via email that describes the process, your flower essence will be shipped off to you, and once you receive it you can access the password protected web page with the guided process videos.    It is recommended that you dedicate a month to regular practice of this process, which takes only about 20 to 30 minutes daily.  


What people experience from the use of Flower Essences varies widely. Sometimes there is a feeling of relaxing calm. Other times, there will be agitation, or the appearance of physical, emotional, or mental unrest. This is because you are breaking through resistance and creating flow to areas which were restricted. This is a common experience, and you are encouraged to proceed with your practice. This unrest will often abate.

Notice throughout the month, not only what shifts when you are practicing the processes, but also what shifts and changes you notice in your daily life. What are your dreams like? Are you more at ease in general? Are you more creative? Are you more energized? Are you feeling happier?  Again and again, the process will ask you to come back to your heart and heart energetics and notice what has changed.  


Heart Opening with Flower Essences Experience

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