RANDOM, Streams of Consiousness is a collection of writings that were created at a time of huge transition in my life.  Originally published on a social media platform, they received a huge response from those who read them and found them helpful.  Time and time again I was encouraged to put them into print form.  That time has come.  


May the writings within serve as guides, inspriations, and supports.  The back of each page is intentionally left blank so that they may be removed and hung up in places where they may be seen often, or worked into personal art pieces. The last pages are left blank and readers and invited to share their own Streams of Consiousness, and send them in to Sage Moon LLC, to potentially be worked into a future publication. 


The First Printing of RANDOM Streams of Consciousness is availble for pre-order.  Orders will be delivered or available for pick up at the beginning of October 2021.

RANDOM Streams of Consciousness Book

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