The Healing Path Book & Companion are tools that can support your path towards emotional wellness.  


The Healing Path Book & Companion were created from the clinical work of Jennifer May.  The Healing Path blends together guided exercises with recommendations for essentail oils and gemstones that can be utilized as additional support.  The Healing Path Companion is a complete kit created to be used in conjunction with the Healing Path book.  


The Healing Path is simple, straightforward, powerful, and accessible and can be a supportive tool in the healing journey.  


This is offered on a sliding scale, pay what you can, choose your own price, within the offered range.  The base price is $110.  If you cannot pay that, please select an  amount that you can pay.   If you can pay more, please select that.  Those who can pay more will help to support access to those that cannot pay as much.  


The Healing Path Book & Companion

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