Services include Sessions in Flower Essence Therapy, Intuitive Energetic Bodywork, and Eclectic Alchemy.

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A Multidimensional Approach

With over 20 years in the field of the holistic arts, Jennifer has found that the best approach towards greater well being is a multidimensional one which adapts and changes to respond to each unique individual and their own special makeup.  
Just as each individual is unique, so must be the supports. 
And there is always a balance. What that balance looks like for each person will be different. Sometimes the best support may be flower essences. Others it might be intuitive energetic bodywork. Often it is a combination of both.  
A multidimensional approach is one in which many "eclectic" paths are brought together to support the unique makeup of each being.  
This is Eclectic Alchemy.

Flower Essence Session

A Flower Essence Session begins with a conversation with Jennifer via email. She will then do a scan for appropriate Essences, conduct a distance sessions and present you with a Flower Essence Post-Session report.  

Flower Essence Sessions are priced at $140.

If you are curious about Flower Essences, please contact Jennifer through the contact form on this site or through email to

Eclectic Alchemy Session

An Eclectic Alchemy Session brings together all of the skills that Jennifer brings to her work.  It includes a session that is both a Flower Essence Session and an Intuitive Energetic Bodywork Session, as well as a Holistic Alchemy Conversation.  It often includes a tarot and/or oracle card reading as well.  This session is done distantly and takes about 3-4 hours total.  Afterwards, you will be presented with a Post-Session Report that shares a wide array of insights from your session, including guidance in making choices for your well being.  

Eclectic Alchemy Sessions are priced at $360

If you are curious about an Eclectic Alchemy Session, please contact Jennifer through the contact form on this site or through email to

Partner in Connection

Partner in Connection is a long term Partnership between client and practitioner working together towards greater wellness and well being.  They provide the time and space to go into greater depth and foster greater change over the course of 6 months.  

You can learn more about Partnerships here.  

Mentorship Opportunities

Your deep dive into how your emotional, spiritual, and physical health will be unlike any other.  

Learn more about the 2 Uncommon Witches Mentorship Program here.