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Are you interested in our Services, but unsure which option may be the best for you?  This little summary of services may be helpful in deciding.  

A New Client Chat is exactly what is sounds like - a chat for new clients.  This is a recommended choice for those who have never worked with Jennifer before.  It gives the opportunity to learn more about this work, share a bit about yourself, and for both you and Jennifer to decide if any of her services may be a good fit.  


Reflective Consultations are ideal for those that are not looking for session work, are most interested in herbal supports and lifestyle changes, and who would like a new perspective.


Flower Essence Sessions can lend their support to anything and everything.  These sessions are ideal for those dealing with Lyme and chronic conditions.  They are also wonderful for shifting aspects of ourselves that may be challenging to do on our own.


Eclectic Alchemy Sessions lend their support to anyone through anything.  They are especially helpful for those who want to bring deep and lasting change to their lives. 


Check Ins are available to existing clients who want additional face-to-face (zoom/phone) support in between sessions.  

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