Services FAQ

What Services does Sage Moon LLC Offer?

Sage Moon LLC offers Eclectic Alchemy Sessions, Flower Essence Sessions, Intuitive Energetic Bodywork Sessions, and Card Divination Explorations.

An Eclectic Alchemy Session brings together all of the skills that I brings to my work.  It includes a session that is both a Flower Essence Session and an Intuitive Energetic Bodywork Session, as well as a Holistic Alchemy Conversation.

A Flower Essence Session is a session that utilizes Flower Essences to work with the etheric field, bringing about greater choice and change.

A Intuitive Energetic Bodywork Session  is a session in which the energetic field of the body is worked with to bring about greater choice and change.  

A Card Divination Exploration  is an intuitive process, where you come with a question and I consult a deck of tarot cards and a deck of oracle cards for supportive information.


What is the cost of each session?


Eclectic Alchemy Session - $180

Flower Essence Session - $140

Intuitive Energetic Bodywork Session - $140

Card Divination - $45


How much time is put in to each of the different sessions per service?


Eclectic Alchemy Session -3 hours total (2-2.5 hours direct session work)

Flower Essence Session - 2-2.5 hours total (1.5 hours direct session work)

Intuitive Energetic Bodywork Session - 2-2.5 hours total (1.5 hours direct session work)

Card Divination – 45-60 minutes


How do I know which session is best for me?


If you are unsure of which session is best for you, I recommend beginning with a Holistic Alchemy Conversation.  This will give you the opportunity to share your unique situation and all aspects of and will give me some information to help guide you to choices that may suit you.


What is the difference between individual sessions and Partnerships?


An individual session is a one time session. It usually begins with the client seeking care for a specific issue. 


A Partnership is a long term relationship between client and practitioner, where a commitment is made towards greater wellness and well being.  An average of 5 to 6 hours a month is committed to each client in Partnership.