Sponsorships & Scholarships

In order to help make support more accessible, Sage Moon LLC has developed a Sponsorship Program and a Scholarship Fund.  These programs are in their beginning stages and available funding is limited.  It is our  hope that Sponsorships and Scholarships will gain momentum and build so that more support can be provided to more people.  

What is a Sponsorship?

A Sponsorship is support received directly from an anonymous sponsor to help fund a portion of a 6 month Partnership.  The percentage typically ranges from 25% to 50% of the monthly Partnership cost.  Recipients of Sponsorships are responsible for paying the remaining percentage. 

Who may apply for a Sponsorship?

Sponsorships are reserved for individuals who are interested in a Partnership, but the cost of a Partnership is beyond their financial means or could result in financial hardship.  

We ask that those inquiring about a Sponsorship:

1.  Be ready to commit to a 6 month Partnership that focuses on your wellness and wellbeing.  

2.  Truly be in need of financial support and would be unable to pay full price for services.

3.  Commit to paying a 50% to 75% of the monthly Partnership cost for the full 6 months.  This is $100 to $150.

If you are interested in a Sponsorship and can commit to all three things listed above, please connect by sending an email to sagemoonalchemy@gmail.com.  Please share a bit about yourself, what you are seeking support around, and the amount of Sponsorship you are seeking.  If the support you are looking for is within the scope of our services, we will contact you when a Sponsorship becomes available.  

What is a Scholarship Fund?

A Scholarship Fund is a general fund that may be used to provide services and supports to individuals who might otherwise not be able to afford such services and supports.  It differs from a Scholarship, in that it is a general fund that may be pulled from, whereas a Scholarship is specifically around Partnerships.  

How do I fund a Sponsorship for someone?

If you are someone who would like to Sponsor an individual, please contact us through the contact form on this website or by sending an email to sagemoonalchemy@gmail.com. We ask that you commit to providing funding for a percentage of a  6 month Partnership for an individual in need.  If you cannot commit to the full 6 months, we ask that you instead make a donation to the Scholarship Fund.  

 $100 a month for 6 months,  will provide a 50% Sponsorship for one individual or a 25% Sponsorship for 2 individuals.  

$100 a month for 12 months, will provide a 50% Sponsorship for two individuals or a 25% Sponsorship for 4 individuals.  

Are Sponsorships Anonymous?

Due to client privacy, recipients of Sponsorships are kept anonymous.  To keep things congruent and simple, the Sponsorship donors are also kept anonymous unless it is specially requested by the Sponsor to share their contact information with recipients.  

Are Sponsorships or donations to the Scholarship Fund tax deductible?

Donations are not tax deductible.  Sage Moon LLC is not a non-profit.

Sponsorships and Donations to the Scholarship Fund are an investment of kindness and connection towards another person.  

This is simply people helping people.  

As it should be.  

To fund a Sponsorship, email us at sagemoonalchemy@gmail.com

You can make a direct donation to the Scholarship Fund via PayPal here