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Testimonials & Confirmations

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Nate - Washington State

"This human right here☝️thats the beautiful soul who helped me heal, it's still a continual process because we all have enough trauma for a few lifetimes and that work is NEVER done. When I first met Jennifer, my naturopathic Doctor had me on close to 30 supplements that I took 2-3 times a day. My entire life was scheduled around that routine and it was miserable. I knew I had come a long way from my diagnosis two years prior but had hit what could only be described as a plateau. All those supplements and medications were undeniably at a standstill with my infections. I wasn't getting worse but I wasn't making more progress as I had been. 

When Jennifer and I entered a Partnership to work together, I mostly viewed her as a very skilled and accomplished herbalist. She is indeed that however, the real heart of her work and passion lies in Energy Healing work and flower essence therapy and it is incredibly powerful medicine.

About 6 months into working together, she approached me about flower essence therapy and stopping all the supplements, she calls it "kill therapy". She explained to me that attacking the infections constantly is the equivalent of going to war with them, they go on the defensive and fight back. A very useful technique when your infection loads are very high but not ideal for the long-term. Flower essence therapy takes a different approach by raising your internal vibration to create an environment that is not a conducive host to the microbes, fungi, viruses and parasites as they all operate at low frequency vibration. Flower essences vibrate at much higher frequencies and work to slowly raise the frequency of your own energy field. I was honestly a bit skeptical but have never been happier to be proved wrong lol.....Working on yourself is a dirty messy proposition and it shakes most people to the core and that is exactly what you need to heal, it's odd but true. If you choose to enlist Jennifer in your healing program, she WILL help you but you'll be doing plenty of work on yourself. She will hold you accountable but also encourage you as you heal. She is not afraid to give it to you straight and she says "Fuck" a lot but show me a person with Lyme disease who doesn't use that word religiously! 👌❤️
So THANK YOU JENNIFER, you've had such a positive impact on my life. You've become my healer, mentor, therapist 🤣 and greatest of all, my friend. Your are truly one special soul!
Keep it Witchy my friend!

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